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Welcome from the Director Vision International Development Institute (VIDI) is profoundly proud to welcome you all to our website and to make known our mandate and guiding values in service delivery. VIDI was primarily formed with a broad vision to assist in the development process in Africa in the areas of Capacity building training, development consultancy and research. All these are important facets in the socio economic development process.

The training that VIDI offers is in line with Africa's development aspirations. The highly interactive Programmes draw parallels from the developing world and from the developed world. Participants share experience which again is a very critical component in our delivery methodologies.

VIDI also plays an important role in developing research capabilities and enhancing policy making capabilities. Its an area that has led to the stagnation of development due to inappropriate policies. This is achieved through participation in our results oriented Programmes. VIDI has provided highly interactive practical training to many institutions in Africa and this has filtered in the development process.

The support that VIDI had got from funding organizations has made it develop and the thrust is to train more participants drawn from the whole continent. It is this support which we hope to continue to get and as an organization we are continuously working on improving our systems and be the top institution in capacity building and research. I implore on you to take VIDI as your choice in short course training Programmes and our assurances is to give you value for money service. Our Programmes are offered on the scheduled dates but can also be tailor-made to meet your institutional requirements in terms of venue contents and duration. Once again I want to thank you and hope to have working relationship in capacity building and encourage you to browse through our website and learn more about VIDI and how we can provide you with Management development training, consulting services and development research.

Email: vidi@viditrainning.co.sz
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