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Training Institution Description

Vision International Development Institute (VIDI) was established on the 23 October 2003, to provide professional management training, research and consulting services to governments, quasi government institutions and the private sector all over the world. VIDI is non-governmental, non-political, non-religious, non-discriminating and an equal opportunity entity that is run by a Board, a management of top programme leaders with experience in capacity building, a team of professionals, and co-opted strategic alliances professionals. It is the desire of VIDI to see Africa develop through results oriented management skills, trained personnel and implementation of effective development policies. VIDI through its network of development provides such services in the indicated below.

Management Training

Our training is mainly in the indicated broad areas:
1. Project Management Programmes
2. Financial Management Programmes
3. Computer and Information Technology programmes
4. Development Studies and Environment Programmes
5. Executive and Leadership Development Programmes
6. Public Finance, Economic Management and Policy Analysis Programmes
7. Health Management Programmes
8. Human Resources Management Programmes
9. Secretarial and Administrative Programmes


VIDI provides consultancy services in a broad range of areas. VIDI provides services in the following areas:
1. Policy Development and Analysis
2. Privatization policy and economic restructuring
3. Performance and change management
4. Human resources Planning
5. Public Utility Management
6. Environment Assessments

Research Areas

VIDI takes cognizance of the role research plays in policy formulation. The researches that we do are meant to inform government on policy management and some are done on consultancy basis. The Broad Research Ares are on:
1. Management Development
2. Financial Management
3. Regional Integration
4. Corporate governance
5. Policy Analysis and Management
6. Trade and Development

Our Services in Management training, consulting and research were created to accelerate the practical learning requirements of professionals desiring comprehensive understanding and knowledge of development in Africa. More information on these programs can be found on our website.

VIDI Objectives

The formation and incorporation of VIDI was out of the genuine desire to see Africa develop and realize its development potential. It is a fact that economic and social development is dependent on prudential management which is dependent on human capital development and training.
Provide short term training to Government, NGO's and Private Organizations and Enterprises.
Collaborate and network with donor agencies, public and private institutions, and other NGOs in the implementation of local, national and regional community based projects.
Enhance the management of resources through educational activities in collaboration with the local communities, donor agencies, public and private sectors, and other institutions.
Provide applied research to Governments, NGO's and Private Organizations and Enterprises.
Link with other development partners with a view to coming up with socio economic strategies.


VIDI is premised along ethical and corporate standards that allow it to realize its objectives. These standards ensure total quality management in our operations. VIDI is guided by Honesty, Promptness, Reliability, Courteousness, Quality, Knowledge, and Professionalism
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