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About Us

Vision International Development Institute (VIDI) was established on 23 October 2003, and is a non-political, non-governmental international organization whose principle activities are training, consulting, research and management development, which are conducted mainly in Africa. Our Centres are located in Mbabane in Swaziland; and Randburg in South Africa. VIDI conducts business activities throughout Anglophone and Lusophone countries in Africa.


VIDI provides training, consultancy and management development services aimed at improving the performance of people and organizations towards achieving defined goals and aspirations, throughout Africa. It will achieve this mandate through:

  • Internationally competitive quality post-experience training programmes;
  • Locally sensitive outreach development activities;
  • Provision of impartial consultancy and technical assistance to organizations and governments;
  • Conducting results-oriented research and studies;
  • Providing effective management development services to clients;
  • Arranging professional visits and study-tours to places of learning.

Main Activities of the Organization

  • Development training
  • Management training
  • Outreach (in-country) training
  • In-house (i.e. in–country) training
  • Consultancy
  • International Study-tours
  • Research and studies
  • Supply of Technical Assistants and short-term consultants
  • Publications
  • Monitoring and Evaluation of Projects


Numerous organizations are presently providing training and consultancy services to various organizations and clients in Africa. We believe the VIDI brand has unique features which differentiates it from other providers, mainly in the following sources: RELEVANCE

VIDI courses have been carefully researched and selected taking into consideration then experience of the typical manager operating in Africa. Most VIDI courses incorporate elements of management, a technical / professional area as well as computerization. These are predominant themes in contemporary developments agenda for the contemporary because these have been drawn from the typical work environment of organizations operating in Africa. These courses therefore address managerial and development problems in the continent.


VIDI is very sensitive to the image it projects in the minds of course delegates as well as its clients. In this particular regard the quality of training and consultancy services provided becomes something of concern. We view quality from a number of perspectives which includes the level of presentation of the courses, the facilitation and training methods applied the quality of the hand-outs used, the qualifications and experience of the facilitators, the learning environment, participants’ welfare as well as customer care. We aim to achieve very high international standards.
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